Geology and Geologic Time through Photographs

About this blog and me

I’ve been fascinated by geology since being an undergraduate at Colorado College in the early 1980’s –and I’ve loved photography since high school.  I maintained my love for photography all through my years in grad school –and probably took much too long to complete my PhD (University of Washington, 1992) because of it.  But now, as an instructor at University of Oregon, I get to do both geology and photography! My goals with this blog are to further this passion by posting the occasional photos with some accompanying geologic description.

Most of the descriptions will relate to Geologic Time in one way or another.  A sense of geologic time is incredibly important, as it gives us perspective on resources, environmental degradation, and who and what we are as a species.  It amazes me that so many people argue that planet Earth is YOUNG –say only 6000 years -or maybe 10,000 years –when all around us we see evidence that Earth is really really OLD…mind-bogglingly old.

But to see that evidence, you need to think about what you’re looking at, and have an open mind.

I’ve lived in Eugene for 20 years. My most recent projects have been writing “Roadside Geology of Oregon”, published in 2014 (RG Oregon book on Amazon), and “Roadside Geology of Washington”, which I did with Darrel Cowan of the University of Washington, to be published in 2017.  I also have a website that’s full of geologic pictures for teaching purposes.  I’ll typically link to it in my posts.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “About this blog and me

  1. JaYeon Katy Son on said:

    wow here are so many geologic picture
    I am undergraduate student of geology department.
    I want to follow this blog.


  2. Amazing website!

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